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The blame-shifting and finger-pointing regarding last weekend’s debacle at the Montjuïc continues and now Barcelona’s radical group, Boixos Nois has declared themselves “faultless”.

The thrilling encounter between Espanyol and Barcelona last Saturday was marred by crowd violence at the Lluis Companys when a lit flare was hurled into the section where the Espanyol fans were seated.

In the aftermath of the incident, Joan Laporta has blamed Espanyol’s stadium security. Espanyol, on the other hand, refused to accept any wrong-doing, while their players have pointed the finger on their counterparts on the pitch for inciting the incident.

Now, the group that actually caused the whole mayhem, the Boixos Nois, have dodged the blame completely themselves.

Los Boixos’ argument is that Espanyol failed to separate both sets of fans properly in the stands and they also held the Mossos d’Esquadra, the Catalan police squad that guards the stadium entrance checkpoints, accountable for failing to frisk the fans and remove any dangerous objects.

The radical group released an official statement saying: “The search procedures were nonexistent and because of that, it does not surprise us that somebody was able to bring in the flares.

“In previous years, objects were thrown at us and there have always been other problems but in spite of this, RCD Espanyol would not take the steps to ensure the fans are seated separately.”

The group concluded the statement by acknowledging they regretted the incident that took place but firmly reiterated that they are not the ones culpable.

 KS Leong