Kalac: Not All My Fault

Goalkeeper Zeljko Kalac feels as though he is not completely to blame for Milan's terrible showing against Chelsea...
Milan's Australian goalkeeper Zeljko Kalac took the brunt of the blame after this past weekends comprehensive 5 – 0 loss to Chelsea, and though the player believes that some fault is his, he is not willing to assume sole responsibility for the game.

Spider, as he is affectionately known, has admitted to making the mistake that lead to the third goal saying, “I went for the ball with my left, preferring my right and I made a mistake. That kind of thing has never happened to me.”  

Kalac spread out the blame for the other four goals when he said, “Mistakes happen, thats football,” continuing with, “Besides that mistake what else could I have done, nothing.” Surely after letting in five goals in one game, albeit a pre-season friendly, Ancelotti must be feeling the heat to give Christian Abbiati the number one jersey this season.  

When questioned regarding his fellow goalkeeper at Milan Kalac said, “He is doing better then me at the moment, but I'm not afraid of the competition, I'm just concentrated on training and making saves.”  

Kalac concluded with a final comment, “It wouldn't be fair to judge me based solely on the game in Moscow.” The goalkeeper has a point - no one is infallible - but one cannot help but wonder many mistakes Christian Abbiati would have made in his place.

Peter Petroncelli