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Christian Panucci's agent revealed that his client has peaked the interest of AC Milan...

Milan have had somewhat of an injury crisis during this pre-season period and may yet be forced back into the transfer market due to certain gaps remaining in the squad.  

One of the positions that seems most unstable at the moment is that of the centre back role. The club is sorely missing the qualities of injury prone Alessandro Nesta and suffering to a certain degree from the lack of a true centre back, with full backs often having to deputise in the heart of defence. 

This has lead to speculation that the Rossoneri may be scouting the market for a defender that can potentially fill this role. The names of Thiago Silva and Christian Panucci have done the media rounds. Now, Panucci's agent has revealed that Milan have made their interest known. 

The Roma player is not naturally a centre back as he plays right-back for the Giallorossi. During Euro 2008, though, he impressed in a solid central partnership with Giorgio Chiellini.  

However, this particular transfer target may be too far out of reach for Il Diavolo. Milan could be forced to look elsewhere, with the agent revealing that Panucci is keen on finishing his career in Rome.

Peter Pedroncelli