You will never convince me on goal-line technology, says Uefa president Platini

The European football chief maintains his stance that having more referees is a better solution, but also took the time to praise Poland & Ukraine for a "wonderful" Euro 2012

Uefa president Michel Platini has maintained his anti-goal line technology stance, despite plans for it to be introduced in certain leagues as soon as next year.

The Premier League plans to implement the new system for the 2013-14 season, amid increasing calls from the media, public and those involved in football for referees to be aided electronically.

However, Platini remains unconvinced of the shift away from human error and argues is would be more beneficial to increase the number of officials instead.

“So what will we have for offside decisions?” the Uefa chief was quoted as saying by the London Evening Standard. “A guy pushing the button on a television replay telling the referee? And, if is he from Arsenal and the goal is by Tottenham, what does he do?”

 “My idea is to help referees by putting up more referees.

“You will never convince me on technology and I will not change at the age of 57. Technology assisting referee: I say, no.”

When asked whether extra officials can co-exist with new technology, the former France international added: “No, how can we put goal-line technology in every match?

“We will have to spend a lot of money. National associations will not do that. Fine, let England do it as a trial and see if it works.”

On a more positive note, Platini is delighted with how Euro 2012 turned out and praised the co-hosts of this summer’s major football tournament for putting on a terrific show.

“We suffered for many years asking ourselves the question whether we should go to Poland and Ukraine,” he mused.

“Finally we went there, found a lot of joy, great football, great atmosphere and great pride from the people. It was something wonderful - beyond our expectations.”