Eusebio Compares Lionel Messi & Cristiano Ronaldo Debate To Himself & Pele

The Portuguese legend believes the Messi & Ronaldo debate is only there to give the press something to talk about.

Eusebio believes that comparing Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Barcelona’s Lionel Messi is a futile exercise, reflecting that the debate reminds him of the comparisons that were made between himself and Pele during his playing days.

Some of the most talented contemporary footballers will be on show this evening in the Champions League final, which will be contested between the Red Devils and Barca.

In some ways their two hottest assets, Ronaldo and Messi, seem to typify the respective leagues from where they belong.

Messi, for instance, is regarded as a footballing artist who has great technique and flair - something Spain's La Primera has in abundance - while Ronaldo is viewed as a well-honed athlete who is physically strong as well as talented.

Portuguese legend Eusebio believes it is wrong to compare the two and that it just gives the press something to talk about. He noted that he was involved in a similar analogy many years ago, when people compared him with Brazilian icon Pele.

"You cannot compare them," Eusebio is reported to have told the press. "They have completely different styles.

"It was the same for me and Pele. It's more something for the press to talk about.

"They both have great chances to win. They have had great seasons, but I favour Manchester United."

Alan Dawson,