World Cup 2014 draw seeding to be unveiled in October

The Fifa executive committee released the format for December’s draw, while launching new regulations in regards to player safety
The World Cup 2014 draw seedings will be released on October 17, Fifa's executive committee unveiled on Friday.

The decision to use this month's world ranking positions as opposed to November’s - which will be released closer to the date of the draw in December, was made as to avoid giving team’s participating in the play-off round the possibility to better their ranking.

Pot 1 will include Brazil, who as hosts are assured a place among the seeded nations, and they will be joined by the seven other top-ranked teams.

The remaining pots two through four will be determined based on geographical categorisations, as opposed to the world rankings.

Spain, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Colombia, Belgium and Uruguay head September’s version of the official world ranking.

In addition to this, the executive committee announced the arrival of additional cooling breaks and the availability of an automated external defibrillator (AED) for World Cup 2014 in an effort to protect the health and safety of players.

Additional cooling breaks will be given after the 30th minute of the first and second halves of each game if the temperature rises in excess of 32 degrees Celsius, while AED’s will be made compulsory at every international game.