Bin Hammam calls for Blatter investigation

The 2011 presidential candidate believes that his former rival should be subjected to the same judicial process that he has faced, and that there is not a "level playing field"
Mohammed bin Hammam has called for Fifa's new chief investigator to look into the actions of president Sepp Blatter after having his life ban from the governing body overturned.

The Qatari, who ran against Blatter in the 2011 Fifa presidency race, is currently being investigated by Michael J. Garcia and is serving a provisional suspension, but he claims that others, including Blatter, should be investigated after a number of allegations against them.

"Whilst I am still suspended, my rival in the 2011 presidential election remains in power and office," he wrote in a letter to Garcia.

"He is not under any investigation or suspension. This is so difficult for me to understand."

The 63-year-old also claimed that Blatter has used his power to avoid any investigation and has only targeted Bin Hammam as the pair are rivals.

"In truth my previous opponent still holds all the cards. He has therefore been able to apply the full power and weight of the Fifa judicial machinery against me. I have had no relief from this onslaught for the last 16 months.

“I do appreciate that Mr Garcia has a job to do but… why should others not be suspended pending investigations in the same way that I have been?

“How can there ever be a fair and open election in Fifa against an incumbent president? There are no rules and therefore no level playing field.

The former Asian Confederation (AFC) president also commented on how the recent allegations have affected both him and his family.

"I have now been kept out of football for nearly 16 months. Apart from my personal position, my family have endured the nightmare of one set of allegations after the other being made against me.

“I also have to witness the AFC, which I spent such a big part of my time and life putting into a secure financial position, beginning to crumble before my very eyes."