Fifa right to introduce goal-line technology, say readers

Over 50 per cent believe the decision to bring in Hawk-Eye and GoalRef systems is the right one, while over a quarter believe the use of technology should expand further readers believe that Fifa have made the correct decision by giving goal-line technology the green light.

The plan to introduce the Hawk-Eye and GoalRef systems by the International Football Association (IFAB) was revealed on Thursday, with the Club World Cup in December likely to see the first competitive usage, along with the possibility that it could be brought into the Premier League mid-season.

In a recent poll, just over 52 per cent of readers agree that the introduction of the technology, which is already used in other sports such as tennis, rugby and cricket, is the correct move and, infact, should have been brought into football long before it has been.

It has been insisted by Blatter that, for now, the technology will only be used to assist referees with goal-line disagreements, and not for a broader selection of decisions such as offsides or contentious fouls.

Conflicting with critics' arguments that the spread of technology past just goal-line discrepancies could disrupt the flow of the game and take away from exciting close calls, 28.31% of readers voted that Fifa should look to expand the use of technology.

Despite governing body's stance on the matter, Uefa president Michel Platini still remains fiercely against any use of technology in football. Party due to the Frenchman's thoughts, and also because of the implementation cost, the technology is not likely to be used in competitions such as the Champions League until each competing league can afford the introduction.

Echoing Platini's calls that human error should be allowed to remain, 19.6% of readers believe that goal-line technology will undermine the referee's authority and should not be introduced.