Fifa look into possibility of allowing fourth substitute during extra-time

In a bid to maintain the quality of the game up until the 120th minute and to protect players from injury, the governing body are considering allowing an additional change

Fifa has revealed that they are looking into the possibility of allowing a fourth substitute during extra time and are set to make a decision on the matter in the next month.

The International Football Association Board are looking to protect players from injury whilst also maintaining the quality of the game right up until the 120th minute.

And the IFAB believe that allowing managers to make the extra change in the 30 minutes of additional time would make for a better sport.

A meeting will be held in England on March 3 to discuss whether this change will be implemented, and Fifa released a statement outlining the reasons for the proposed move.

The statement read: “The Fifa Task Force Football 2014, the medical committee and the football committee support the proposal in order to maintain the technical level until the 120th minute and to protect the health of the players.”

The debate on goal-line technology will also be raised at the meeting, including a look at the development of the systems that could potentially be used, but a decision is unlikely to be made until after the Euro 2012 final in Ukraine.

Other topics up for discussion include the five on-pitch officials - with two additional helping to make goal-line decisions - which have been seen in this season's Champions League tournament.

The board will also be reconsidering the decision to allow Islamic female footballers to wear the hijab, although Fifa vice-president, Prince Ali of Jordan, called for Fifa to continue to respect the cultural traditions of the religious headwear.

When new rulings approved by the IFAB they do not normally take effect until July 1st, but some are fast-tracked for major tournaments such as Euro 2012.