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Swiss official claims he and his organisation have been "slapped" but promises reforms including voting process for selecting future World Cup host

Newly re-elected Fifa president Sepp Blatter has promised to address the controversy that has surrounded the organisation in recent weeks and restore some "credibility" to football’s governing body.

The battle for the presidency has been overshadowed by bribery claims with Blatter’s opponent, Mohamed Bin Hammam, forced to pull out of the race following his suspension by the organisation but Blatter - himself cleared of similar allegations - pledged to instigate changes in the regime.

“Everyone is waiting for solutions, now we have solutions and now we will apply them," he said to reporters and delegates after his re-election as president in Zurich.

The Swiss official also insisted that he would follow up his words with actions to combat the issues that have engulfed football’s governing body, namely allegations that the World Cup in 2022 was "bought" by Qatar - claims he denies.

“We have now instruments needed to restart the credibility of Fifa, when it comes to words from the beginning I have set the tone for this congress and I want the congress to know and to understand that we are in a situation which needs not only words as well as action in order to counter all these attacks.

“We have been hit; I have been slapped, [but] we are [still] standing and we will no longer be slapped. We have created the necessary means to react against what we have fallen short of, so they say."

With Bin Hammam’s withdrawal from the presidential election, Blatter was left unopposed to secure a fourth term at the helm of world football’s governing body and he insisted that "transparency" was key to moving forward.

“We have shown transparency in financial matters, and transparency will be shown as to control of the activities of Fifa," he added.

“I think we have found the ideal solution which has been accepted and approved by congress.

“Meaning that the ethics committee, will be elected by congress and will be strengthened by two chambers; like in all courts you will have the tribunal as such and it will be taken out of Fifa general secretariat, because so far the general secretary has a vital role as to the code of ethics for Fifa.”

He also revealed that in addition to the current code of ethics, Fifa committee members will be guided by a personal code of conduct.

“We will have a code not only of ethics but of personal conduct for each and every one," he said.

“We will have a committee and instead of calling it the corporate governance and compliance committee, it will just be called the 'solutions committee' and this is a committee which will be led by personalities inside Fifa."

With criticism about the way the organisation is run and the manner of deciding the destination of future World Cup tournaments, Blatter moved to propose giving more power to individual associations. Something that will be music to the ears of the English FA who absteined from the vote in Zurich.

“The idea of giving more power to the associations; I am happy about that because it reinforces Fifa’s pyramid and this pyramid will be no longer shaking," he added.

“Among the solutions we have brought about proposals that have been approved by congress that will be the designation of the host countries for 2018 and 2022.

“This was probably not the best solution, to have two World Cups together for one decision and it cannot but create collusion – it all went correctly of course but in the future it is the congress which will decide the future of World Cups."

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