CONMEBOL spokesman Nestor Benitez denies allegations of corruption

Nestor Benitez, a spokesman for CONMEBOL, has defended the organisation and rebuffed Lord Triesman's allegations of corruption
Following former FA chief Lord Triesman's allegations of corruption in world football and within CONMEBOL specifically, a spokesman for the organisation, Nestor Benitez, has denied any claims of wrong doing.

As reported on, Triesman claims that bribes openly happen, and named a number of officials who he believed approached referees and governing body FIFA, with the award of the 2014 World Cup to Brazil shrouded in controversy.

Benitez rubuffed the claims, however, telling AFP: "This gentleman tries to compensate for his failure on false charges, which are not substantiated by any evidence."

Triesman's accusations extended to president Nicolas Leoz, who reportedly was implicated in a knighthood scandal, but Benitez added: "Dr Nicolas Leoz would never ask [for] a knighthood - you imagine that he would miss titles or decorations?

"Some have asked for money, and he just [asked for] an honorary title? It is ridiculous."

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