Muller: Maybe we were too nice last season

The Germany attacker believes that the Bundesliga runners-up have to be more forceful in their play during the new campaign
Thomas Muller is clear in Bayern Munich's aims for the season ahead and admits that they must improve their game to achieve their objectives.

Muller also recognises that the German club have been too forgiving in recent years, something that he admits needs to change if trophies are to be won.

"The atmosphere at Bayern has never really been about cosiness," conceded Muller, while speaking to Bild.

"The last two seasons in particular were rather uneasy. Maybe it's our problem that we have too many players who are looking for a footballing solution.

"Perhaps we were too nice on the pitch in the past few seasons. However, we will improve our game off the ball. A little less cuddling, and a bit more action," explained the 22-year-old.

Following his €40m transfer from Athletic Bilbao, great things are expected of Javi Martinez, which is something Muller believes can bring huge pressure.

"I think that the expectations will be gigantic," admitted the forward.

"We will welcome him and make sure that he feels comfortable. And when we play together successfully, it'll be fine."

Bayern themselves however, are under pressure to perform too, as they look to reclaim their Bundesliga crown from Borussia Dortmund this season.

"If you don't win a title for two years, you're automatically hungry. We can no longer prove that we are the best anyway, or that we win everything," said Muller.

"We know from the beginning that we finally have to show everyone something. That's the advantage of two years without a title, everyone yearns for success."