'I'm not happy with Champions League money' - De Laurentiis calls for European Super League

The Napoli president believes teams could earn up to five times more from the continental competition and is eager to see the best teams clash on a weekly basis
Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis has advocated the idea of forming a lucrative European Super League featuring the biggest teams from across the continent.

The film mogul, who has overseen the Partenopei's rise from the Italian third tier to the Champions League, believes clubs would be able to earn far more from the proposals.

“I want to reduce the league to 16 teams and to create a large European Cup that would bring together the five biggest teams from the five best European leagues," the 64-year-old told L'Equipe.

"One week would be devoted to the national championship, the other to the European championship with teams like Manchester United, Real Madrid, PSG, Bayern, AC Milan.

"It would be crazy, the end of the world! This competition could generate €5 billion – a revolution.

"Everyone seems happy to earn €40 million per season in the Champions League. I’m not. I want to earn €150m or even €200m.”