It Was A Balanced Match - De Biasi

Torino coach Gianni De Biasi talked about tonight's derby defeat to Juventus, and complained about his team's lack of effiency up front.

Torino coach Gianni De Biasi was understandably disappointed after the 1-0 defeat to Juventus in the derby, but didn't think it was a particularly deserved result.

"It was a balanced, nervous match, like derbies always are," he said. "Then we conceded a goal after losing the ball in midfield, even though Amauri did really well. Calderoni's mistake is acceptable: we had to do better in the defensive phase."

The coach again saw his side waste a number of chances. "Our biggest chance was in the first half, but it's a period in which we can't seem to convert our chances," De Biasi added. "In any case, I am not worried, I know I have a good team."

Despite De Biasi's confidence, this was Torino's fourth consecutive defeat, and they are now dangerously close to the bottom of the Serie A table.

Danilo Pochini