Atalanta Open To Vieri Return

Atalanta director of sports Carlo Osti spoke about the possible arrival of Christian Vieri and the other ongoing negotiations of his club who are very active in the transfer market.
Osti summarized the situation for the Bergamaschi at this point in the transfer market, citing various negotiations currently going on.

"If Acquafresca should remain at Cagliari, it's clear that we shall evaluate whether to keep Floccari, because we want to build a competitive Atalanta side for next season," explained the director of sports to 'Radio Kiss Kiss'.

"With regards to Tissone, we shall go to the envelopes," he added. "We did not reach an agreement with Udinese and both of us want the player. However, between the two clubs there is a good rapport."

Osti then spoke about the possibility of Vieri's return to the Nerazzurri.

"We must not exclude the idea of his return," concluded the director of sports.

Glenn Debattista