Sanchez: Pepe almost took my arm off

The Colombian joked that the Blancos defender taught him a lesson in judo during Wednesday night's Liga encounter at the Martinez Valero
Carlos Sanchez has claimed that the penalty awarded against him during Elche's controversial 2-1 loss to Real Madrid should have been a free kick in his favour, with the midfielder claiming that Pepe nearly took his arm off.

The game at the Martinez Valero was tied at 1-1 when referee Cesar Muniz Fernandez caused uproar by firstly penalising Sanchez for an alleged pull on Pepe's shirt and then dismissing the Colombian.

Cristiano Ronaldo converted the subsequent spot-kick to claim all three points for los Blancos but Martinez still cannot believe that the decision did not go in his favour.

“No way was it a penalty," the 27-year-old told AS. "As the ball was played over, Pepe grabbed onto me then let himself fall, taking me down with him.

"I didn’t know very much about Judo before Wednesday night. Now I know a little more about it. Pepe almost took my arm off. I never expected him to do that."

Sanchez was reluctant to publicly criticise Muniz Fernandez's decision, but he did admit that it sometimes feels that the officials favour the bigger sides.

"A lot of things spring to mind but that game is over now and I don’t want to talk any more about the referee," he stated.

"But sometimes you just feel powerless, it shouldn’t be that way. All teams should be treated the same. It only demonstrates that not everything is perfect in football."

Elche will be hoping to pick up their first win of the season when they face Celta on Sunday afternoon.