Sevilla's Marcelino Garcia Toral throws his support behind disgraced president Jose Maria del Nido

The 46-year-old made it clear that he is backing the Andalusian side's supremo and stated that the recent developments off the pitch will not affect his players
Sevilla coach Marcelino Garcia Toral has offered his 'total and wholehearted' support to president Jose Maria del Nido, who was sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in prison on Monday.

The Andalusian team's supremo was found guilty of
fraud, corruption and embezzlement in the 'Minutas' case by the court of Malaga.

The 46-year-old coach has stated that Del Nido has his backing and insisted that the team will not be affected by the recent developments.

"I will not make judgements on this situation, because it concerns the president's personal life, however, I offer him my total and wholehearted support," said Marcelino at a press conference.

"I hope he can stay for a long time and continue to drive the club forward.

"[Del Nido's] sentence will not affect the performance and functioning of the team."

Meanwhile, Sevilla vice-president Jose Castro conceded that the court's decision would be appealed.

"The sentence is grossly unfair. Nothing will strip him [Del Nido] of the Sevilla presidency. The sentence is not final, it can be appealed, and Del Nido will remain chairman of the club."

The Andalusian side meet San Roque in the Copa del Rey on Tuesday night.