Player Ratings: Zaragoza 2-4 Barcelona's Lewis Doe takes a look at the players on show as Barcelona start the hunt of Real Madrid.

- 6.5 - Could do very little about a couple of the goals but made some good saves, which stopped the score being embarrassing.

Carlos Diogo - 6.5 - Lively at times and got stuck in when he needed to. Distribution could be better.

Matteo Contini - 6.5 - Made some top class tackles at vital times and is not afraid to put himself about when necessary

Leonardo Ponzio - 6 - Disappointing. His side needed to see more from him and he struggled with the pace and movement.

Jiri Jarosik - 6.5 - Relatively solid but nothing special. Good in the air and this showed when under pressure.

Edmilson - 6 - Not loud enough, which resulted in wasted passes. Looked a little leggy and rightfully sacrificed at half time.

Gabi - 6 - Played a couple of nice passes but was bypassed on too many occasions by the entire Barcelona team.

Eliseu - 6 - As above. Stretched the Barca defence well at times but did little else. Too predictable.

Ander - 7 - Very good game. Got his head down and drove forward when no one stepped up on his side. Could have had a goal on another night.

Humberto Suazo - 6.5 - Ran his socks off but lacks the real quality needed to have an impact against one of the bigger sides.

Arizmendi - 6 - Good work ethic and passing but needed to be much more alert and making more penetrable runs.


Lafita - 5.5 - Injected some pace and energy into the side but was quiet as soon as Barca worked him out.

Colunga - 7 - Stormed off the bench and had real impact. Took goals with real class and gave side a lift late on.

Jermaine Pennant - N/A


Victor Valdes - 6.5 - A nice solid game. Did what he had when he needed to.

Dani Alves - 6.5 - Typical performance. Went up and down the wing all night and did well in defence. May have picked up a slight knock though.

Gerard Pique - 6.5 - Not the best of games but was hardly troubled. Only struggled when diagonal runs were made across him.

Gabriel Milito - 7 - Quite a good game. Stepped out of the back line when he needed to intercept and clear.

Maxwell - 7 - Got up the wing well and provided another outlet for his team. This gave some space for the wingers.

Sergio Busquets - 6.5 - Not the best of games but played some lovely passes about the pitch.

Yaya Toure - 7.5 - Had a great game and was unlucky to be taken off. Held his own in defence and made a number of forward runs. Could easily have bagged a brace.

Keita - 6 - Quietest player on the Barca side. Filled in where he was needed but got dwarfed by the quality of others.

Pedro - 7 - Made some quality runs on the wing. Provided a great cross for Messi's first.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic - 6.5 - A real hand full but wasted too many chances. Needs to be deadlier in front of goal.

Lionel Messi - 9.5 - Simply outstanding. Zaragoza could not live with him. Pace, movement and aggression in abundance.


Iniesta - 6 - Came on and immediately started making an impact with crisp passing.

Puyol - N/A

Marquez - N/A