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‘The Soul’s Embrace’ of 1978: Watch the incredible story of the man with no arms

‘The Soul’s Embrace’ of 1978: Watch the incredible story of the man with no arms


A double amputee invaded the pitch at the end of the 1978 FIFA World Cup™ final to celebrate with the two Argentina heroes. Coca-Cola reunites the trio

One game, one iconic image: In 1978, Victor Dell'Aquila ran on to the field after Argentina beat the Netherlands to become world champions on home soil and embraced two of their star performers.

Reflecting on the aftermath of losing his arms in an accident when he was 12 years old, Dell'Aquila says: "Football brought me back to life."

The amateur player and fan travelled to Buenos Aires hoping for victory over the Dutch and was overcome with excitement amid jubilant post-match scenes at the Estadio Monumental.

"I doubted whether to jump [over the barriers] or not," said Dell'Aquila. "And I said to myself: 'It is in God's hands. I can't miss this.'"

What happened next has become one of the most memorable celebrations in FIFA World Cup™ history. Nicknamed 'The Soul’s Embrace', Dell'Aquila ran over to Alberto Tarantini and Ubaldo Fillol ­ who were knelt down in disbelief on the turf ­ and hugged them. The image captured the world and became the symbol of Argentina’s success at the tournament.

The film shows what happens when Dell'Aquila ­ who is still playing football ­ was reunited with Tarantini and Fillol during the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola with the FIFA World Cup 2014™ Brazil in full swing.