Mata plays for Fergie: Meet the 11-year-old playing for his mom

Born in Bandung, Indonesia, Fergie is rebuilding his life after losing his mother to AIDS. On Saturday, he walked out with his Manchester United heroes at Old Trafford
On Saturday, 11 special children from around the world flew thousands of miles to live the dream of walking out on to the Old Trafford pitch in a Manchester United shirt.

As part of their partnership with the Red Devils, Chevrolet invited the young fans from countries including Brazil, India and South Africa to be matchday mascots for the opening game of the season against Swansea.

As an extra surprise, the mascots took part in a ‘Name Swap’ with United stars which saw them introduced to the crowd before the match with each others’ names on their backs.

Fergie Maulana, an 11-year-old boy from Bandung in Indonesia, donned Juan Mata’s No.8 shirt and was then presented with a jersey bearing his own name which the Spanish midfielder had worn himself.

Fergie is very active and loves football. He has often struggled with sickness growing up, but enjoys spending weekends playing sports with his guardian, Ginan, and taking part in physical education lessons at school.

Ginan and Fergie’s grandmother have taken care of him since he lost his mother to AIDS. He now lives with his grandmother, where he plays video games and watches football matches on the television. Sometimes, he will visit the stadium in Bandung.

Football has given Fergie the opportunity to build new relationships and make friends, and he shared his once-in-a-lifetime experience at Old Trafford with 10 other children from a variety of backgrounds across the globe.

Fergie was selected as a mascot as part of Chevrolet’s ‘What Do You #PlayFor?’ campaign, which aims to spread football and the power of play to communities around the world that need it the most.

This summer, Chevrolet revitalised the Bawet Event Pitch in Bandung on behalf of Rumah Cemara, a local organisation that use football and peer intervention to increase the quality of life of people living with HIV and drug addiction.

The project included skills drills, coaching sessions and a tournament featuring dozens of local football teams, with United legend Gary Pallister was in attendance.

To find out more about Fergie and the stories of the other 10 mascots, watch his video above and visit