Corinthians' Adriano participates in reconstruction of shooting scene

The Brazilian, along with three other witnesses, has taken part in an attempt to recreate the incident in which the former Inter player was involved earlier this week
Corinthians striker Adriano has appeared in a reenactment of the incident which left a young woman wounded in the hand by a gunshot.

Earlier this week, the 29-year-old was involved in a shooting scene in a car, and was summoned by the police together with two women and his body guard.

All the people present at the incident attended the 16th Precinct in Barra da Tijuca on Wednesday, except the injured woman, who was replaced by a delegate, to form a reconstruction of the events.

Prior to the reenactment itself, the police also initiated a confrontation between the four parties. Three experts from the police station inspected the car where the incident occurred, with one stating that the shot came from the backseat.

The reconstruction saw Adriano spend most of the time in the passenger's seat at the front, but later moved to the back, trading places with Andreia Ximenes, because the automobile's door could not close with the 29-year-old sitting alongside two other women.

During the Brazilian striker's testimony on Monday, he claimed that he was occupying the passenger seat, much like in the reconstruction, in contrast to victim Adriene Cyrillo's story that he had accidentally shot her in the back of the car.