Disgraced World Cup referee Byron Moreno jailed for heroin smuggling

The controversial 41-year-old official sent off Francesco Totti in South Korea's 2-1 win over Italy back in 2002, and has been sent to prison for two and a half years
Former referee Byron Moreno has been imprisoned for two and a half years after being found guilty of smuggling drugs in the United States.

After being found with heroin strapped to his body at at New York's John F Kennedy airport, he was arrested and faced a maximum sentence of ten years.

Court documents on Friday released the information, with news of an appeal not yet stipulated.

The Ecuadorean official controversially sent off Francesco Totti in Italy's 2-1 defeat to South Korea in the 2002 World Cup, and disallowed an Italian goal.

The South American has never been far from controversy, and was banned from the game for 20 games after allowing 12 minutes of stoppage time in a domestic game in his homeland.