South American Dispatch: Adriano Denies Drink And Drug Addiction’s Tim Sturtridge reports on the Brazilian striker making journalists in Brazil eat their words as well as Salvador Cabañas’ appearance on Mexican television...
Adriano answered his critics in the best possible manner on the weekend as he scored the only goal in Flamengo’s win over Vasco de Gama.

The Brazilian international struck five minutes into the second half of the Campeonato Carioca match the day after he had denied being addicted to drink and drugs.

In the build up to the game against Vasco the striker hit out at claims that his recent disappearing act was connected to drink and drugs.

“I don’t need to go to rehab, I can’t believe people think I do drugs. If I was using drugs it would have showed up in a doping test. It worries me to see these things in newspapers because it makes my family sad.”

Adriano admitted to employing a psychologist but denied he was going to see a psychiatrist as has been reported in Brazil. Last season’s joint top scorer in Brazil’s Serie A also made reference to a story that was widely reported when he left Inter Milan to come home.

Back then news of his death appeared in Brazilian newspapers after he went back to the favela to visit friends and family.

“They are still talking about this business with drugs and alcohol like they did when they said I had died. I was at the favela visiting my mother but they prefer the story that I’m in trouble. It is prejudice. They think everybody in the favela is on drugs but it is not true.”

Adriano also attacked claims that his weight had shot up to 106 pounds and insisted he is staying steady at 101 pounds. The striker said he has been helped by a recent meeting with Dunga’s assistant Jorginho.

“All that has happened just gives me more strength. Jorginho reminded me that it’s down to me to do all the things I want to do.”

After the interview on Saturday Adriano did his talking on the pitch as he played all ninety minutes of Flamengo’s win over Vasco as well as grabbing the game’s only goal.

Cabañas wants to get his boots on

Paraguayan striker Salvador Cabañas has broken the silence which followed his shooting earlier in the year.

Cabañas spoke with optimism about his recovery from his ordeal in an interview on Mexican television.

“I’m very glad to be alive and almost fully recovered. I’m hoping to be back the pitch soon.”

In the aftermath of Cabañas being shot in the head during a night out in Mexico City it looked unlikely he would ever play again. During his interview Cabañas stated that he is determined to take to the field again and is making plans for the rest of his career.

“The next goal I score will be devoted to all the people who love me and have stuck with me through this. I want all these people to be in the stadium when I’m fully recovered and back playing.”

Cabañas is continuing his treated in hospital but is grateful for the chances he gets to go home and return to normality.

“I love going to my house and seeing my kids, I get so much joy from playing and hanging out with them.”

The Paraguay and Club América striker concluded the interview by making a promise to his fans.

“You’ll see me on the pitch again soon.”

Tim Sturtridge,