Guadalajara Defender Hector Reynoso Banned For 'Trying' To Pass On Swine Flu

The player looks like he will be suspended from all Copa Libertadores matches after secreting some fluids in the direction of an opponent...
Hector Reynoso has been provisionally banned from appearing in Copa Libertadores games for his Mexican club Chivas Guadalajara, after he spat and expectorated mucus from his nostrils in the direction of an Everton de Chile player during the sides' 1-1 draw, and then told him he had Swine 'Flu.

The length of the ban will be determined over the course of the next three days, according to the South American governing body CSF, who informed Eurosport, "At around the 90th minute of the aforementioned game, Reynoso, following an incident in the game, reacted by spitting at Everton player Sebastian Penco and then releasing nasal secretions at the face of the player.

"This situation, lamentable in its own right, was aggravated by the risk of a possible infection of the disease AH1N1 [swine flu]."

Reynoso has reportedly apologised to Penco, who has accepted his opponent's words of remorse.

Guadalajara players had complained that they were being taunted throughout the game by their Everton counterparts about carrying the disease, and also that they had been publicly mocked by shoppers when they attended a local shopping mall.

The CSF has postponed this week's second-round first-leg ties involving Guadalajara and fellow Mexican outfit San Luis, following refusals from Chile and Colombia to act as alternatives for Mexican clubs' home games.

Zack Wilson,