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Carlos Bilardo, the new assistant of the Argentine national team, affirmed that Diego Maradona "depends" on himself and he should "take advantage of the opportunity" he has been presented with...

Carlos Salvador Bilardo believes Diego Armando Maradona, the designated coach of the Argentine national team, depends on "himself" and he "should take advantage of the opportunity" which he has been presented with.

"Maradona depends on Maradona. He knows this well, I told him this myself. He depends on himself, period. He is very enthusiastic, because he achieved what he has wanted for many years, and what many people want as well," stated Bilardo.

The coach who guided Argentina to the 1986 World Cup, admitted that "Argentina have a good team, with very important players like (Sergio) Aguero and (Lionel) Messi," explained the new assistant.

Bilardo believes the right time has arrived for Maradona to take over the Argentine national team, and what should help his chances of finding success is the fact that he is a very well respected character.

"I think he had lots of enthusiasm to be in the national team. After participating in three World Cups, the right time has arrived and he has to take advantage of it. He has personality. The players respect him a lot. I remember when Beckenbauer made his debut as the coach of Germany in 1984, and we won 3-1. In the press conference they asked me about him and I said: time will tell."

Although many expect Bilardo to help guide Maradona through the coaching process in the early stages, he affirms that he will soley be dedicated to the "tactical" part of the game because it is the coach "who has to do the other things, and coach."

"It is he (Maradona) who has to solve the problems and listen to everybody. After it is he who has to decide. I will dedicate my time to the technical side of things, and the tactics," he concluded.

Gregory Sica