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Former Inter doctor Piero Volpi criticised Leandro Rinaudo's tackle but says the forward's injury will not be related to his previous problems

By Sergio Chiesi

Guiseppe Rossi is unlikely to be ready to return to action for "two-to-three months" after sustaining a new knee injury, according to Inter's former club doctor.

Rossi was withdrawn after a challenge from Leandro Rinaudo in Fiorentina's 1-0 win over Livorno on Sunday, though tests later confirmed the player has suffered a knee sprain and not a repeat of the anterior cruciate ligament tear which has blighted his career in the past.

Rossi's agent Federico Pastorello took to Twitter to argue the player could be back within "six or seven weeks" after admitting "we really got away with this one", but Piero Volpi believes the Italy forward will likely be absent until the spring.

"It's correct to assume two to three months out for this kind of injury," Volpi, former chief doctor at Inter and a distinguished sports physician in Italy, told Goal.

"If the results of this morning ruled out any involvement with the cruciate ligament, the one reconstructed with the surgery, it is clear that this is another type of injury that won't affect the previously injured part of the knee."

Volpi believes the psychological blow to Rossi - who had begun to recapture his best form this season after a lengthy spell on the sidelines - will be the biggest hurdle to overcome and claims there should be greater measures taken to control aggression on the pitch.

"It's difficult to recover psychologically after a third serious injury. The good news is that it doesn't affect the cruciate ligament. This will give a boost to Rossi during the recovery process, he will gain new confidence.

"I have seen the footage of the tackle and I have to say that, as it happened, this injury could happen to any player. I don't see a correlation with the past injuries.

"It was a foul in midfield, not in a critical area. We see this too often. These fouls, while acknowledging that Rinaudo didn't want to hurt Rossi, are nonsense.

"It makes no sense to make this type of foul in midfield. In every match we see dozens of such tackles. Aggression and aggravation in today's football should be controlled."