Massive changes to hit Caf as media director Suleiman Habuba resigns

Signals being picked from the Cairo headquarters of the continent’s leading association indicate a major shake-up will hit the body sometime this week
By Ghana

The Confederation of African Football (Caf) is likely to announce several key changes as part of measures to reshape the continent's governing body, Ghana has learned.

According to sources within the Issa Hayatou-led Caf, media director Suleiman Habuba will tender his resignation in the upcoming days and "people should not be surprised to hear of others".

"It's going to be a massive change," the source said. "Some are good and others are not, but it's all good for African football so let's wait and see."

Although Ghana was unable to ascertain the main reasons behind the impending "massive shake-up", the source added: "This is long overdue and judging from happenings in world football it has become necessary to purge the system." Ghana is monitoring the situation at Caf and will bring its readers up to speed with the latest developments.