Micky Hazard: Martinez would maintain Spurs' stylish traditions

The former Spurs player was concerned by the Spaniard's lack of experience and David Moyes' credentials but would prefer to see Pep Guardiola brought to White Hart Lane

By Rob Stewart

Former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Micky Hazard is confident Roberto Martinez would maintain Spurs’ attacking traditions but is unsure whether the Wigan Athletic boss has the necessary experience to succeed Harry Redknapp at White Hart Lane.

Hazard feels that the emphasis Martinez imposed on a passing game at Swansea City and then Wigan would theoretically make him an ideal candidate for the Spurs job but is worried over whether he has what it takes to manage one of English football’s most high-profile clubs.

"The style of Roberto Martinez preaches at Wigan and the style of play he introduced at Swansea would make you think he is more suited to the traditional Spurs style of play," Hazard told Goal.com.

"Whether he has got the experience or not yet to take over at such a big club I don’t know. That is one of the questions that can only be answered as and when he arrives. But certainly his football philosophies are much more in line with the way Spurs play their football.

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"When I have seen managers come in and impose a style of play that is not synonymous with Spurs I thought they would not be successful because you have to understand the history and traditions of a great club and the footballing philosophy linked to that club. If you do you have a better chance of success.

"The future is bright because we have got good players and whoever comes in will have a ready-made team – a team capable of competing for the title and Champions League football next season. Who we bring in as manager is very important."

Everton manager David Moyes was the early front-runner to take over from Redknapp but Hazard has doubts about the Scot’s credentials for the job despite being impressed with the work he has done at Everton.

“David Moyes has done a great job at Everton but what we have to say is what would he be like in and around better players?” Hazard asked.

“He has created a very workmanlike team at Everton and managed to sustain sixth, seventh or eighth every season so you have to say he has done a marvellous job at Everton. But would he actually be the same if he came to a club like Spurs with better players?

“Unfortunately we don’t know if he would preach the Spurs way – that wonderful, flowing pass-and-move football we are capable of. We don’t know because he does not have that type of player at Everton. He has managed his team to fit the players he has got.

“Would he change his thinking at Spurs to play that flowing football that last season was made in heaven at time? I would like to think he would and that any manager who arrives at Spurs would see the quality of the player he has got and play that way plus add his own organisational and disciplinary things within that framework.”

Hazard said that he would like to see Spurs chairman Daniel Levy lure former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola to North London.

“If I had a personal choice and money was no object I would like to see Pep Guardiola come to Spurs,” Hazard continued.

“He is a fantastic manager who has taken football to a new level but what I would like to see is whether or not Pep Guardiola could start from scratch. Can he build a club and make it like Barcelona? Could he come to Spurs and turn them into the next Barca? That would be my dream come true because of my beliefs on the way the beautiful game should be played. What he has done at Barcelona is unparalleled in football and I would love to see it done at Spurs.

14/1 Pep Guardiola is now 14/1 with Paddy Power to be named as Tottenham's next permanent manager.

“I would like to see Daniel Levy move heaven and earth and do whatever it takes to get Guardiola to White Hart Lane because this guy is so special. It would be great for Spurs and English football as a whole.

“The minute you attract Pep Guardiola to your club you have a chance of attracting any footballer in the world. You have a chance of getting unbelievable footballers like (Lionel) Messi, (Andres) Iniesta, Xavi (Hernandez) and it would bring a real excitement to the club. It is exciting just thinking about it.

“It might well be a dream and it might never happen but to dream is to dare and to dare is to dream. That is what makes football great – our fantasies and our dreams that we could attract Barcelona players and we could see Messi in a Spurs shirt.  Whatever we need to do to make that happen I say give it your best shot.”