Bellamy: Liverpool players need to remember to enjoy football

The Welsh forward states that the pressure of playing at such a big club may have got to a few of the squad, and that they need to remember to savour every moment
By Patrick Lim | Singapore

Liverpool winger Craig Bellamy has stated that his team-mates need to remember to enjoy the game after a season which saw them disappoint in the league, despite a successful League Cup run.

The end of the season saw manager Kenny Dalglish sacked after the Reds finished eighth in the Premier League, and Bellamy says that because of the pressure of being at such a large club, some of his team-mates may have forgotten how to enjoy themselves.

"All clubs are different," Bellamy told Singapore. "Some clubs are vocal, such as West Ham back when I was training with them.

"We had a lot of lads who were loud and witty, not afraid to speak out. It made training fun, day in day out it was comical.

“Liverpool’s more of a quiet place, more serious.

"I guess because Liverpool is a big club, very professionally run, it’s almost like some of the players have forgotten how to enjoy themselves.

"It could be the pressure that comes with playing for such a big club.

"The lads need to remember to enjoy the game and the environment, and not take negative results too hard.”