The United States will host 2016 Copa America, says Femexfut president

The 2016 tournament will take place in the USA, according to the Mexican Federation's top man
The 2016 Copa America will take place in the United States, according to Femexfut president Justino Compean.

The Mexican Federation supremo revealed that despite the fact that Chile will host the 2015 competition, a 'special edition' of the Copa will be played a year later, to commemorate the first 100 years of the South American organisation's existence.

"With new stadiums in Monterrey and [Guadalajara], we looked to have the tournament here," Compean stated. "But the economic issue is a strong one and at the moment, I can say that the 2016 edition will be played in the United States, while the 2015 edition will be played in Chile, that's official."

Compean credited new Concacaf boss Jeffrey Webb as a key man in the negotiations to bring the Copa America to the USA, which would host its first official tournament outside of South America if the Mexican Federation boss' words ring true.

"With Jeffrey Webb we've attained total aperture with Conmebol, something we had never achieved, and we look to give Concacaf greater growth at the international level," he said. "It's a good thing that this comes with the help of Conmebol."

There are also plans to continue and expand Copa Libertadores participation among Concacaf teams, Compean said, with the added incentive of pushing the North American continent's sides into the Copa Sudamericana, a tournament in which clubs from the region stopped participating four years ago.