Paraguay's Gerardo Martino: Uruguay's strikers made the difference

The Paraguay coach praised the quality of the opponent's attacking players, while refusing to fuel speculation about a potential move to Argentina
Paraguay coach Gerardo Martino has praised the quality of Uruguay's attack, saying that it proved to be the difference in the Copa America final that they lost 3-0.

Uruguay claimed the prestigious South American title, thanks to an early strike from Luis Suarez and a brace from Diego Forlan.

After the match, Martino said that Uruguay deserved to win and noted that the difference in the quality of the attack is essential to explain the result.

"In the first-half, Uruguay had more intensity than us," he said. "Apart from that, they have two very good strikers who made the difference in the match.

"Uruguay were always predominant. Even when we were attacking in the second-half we could feel that Uruguay had the match under control.

"The goals scored by Uruguay were really good moves, the definition of the Uruguayan attackers is of an extraordinary quality, and that sets the difference."

Questioned about reports linking him with Argentina's coaching position, Martino stated he has not received any offer and stressed he is still Paraguay's coach.

"There are only rumours from the media," he explained. "I cannot deny something I did not create. These are rumours that should be denied by those who created them.

"I am the coach of the Paraguay national team, and there are no changes to that."