Lucas Barrios thankful for Paraguay's luck in Copa America

The Paraguayan striker believes that fortune has looked favourably on his team, but he still pointed out that they will have to be much more effective in attacking affairs
Paraguay striker Lucas Barrios has confessed that his side have been blessed with luck in the Copa America.

The Paraguay national team have reached the final of the competition without having won a single match in regular or extra time, as victories over Brazil and Venezuela came on penalty shootout.

Barrios has indicated that luck has been on Paraguay's side in Copa America, he also thinks his team deserve some credit.

"The truth is that we we have had a lot of luck and the moment we are going through in the tournament is incredible," Barrios said at a press conference.

"Luck has helped us a lot, but we have also been working for this."

The Borussia Dortmund striker has called on his team to improve its attacking focus, stressing he wants to win the match in regular time.

"We know we are not creating many chances on goal. We have not been very strong in that area, but we hope to improve in the final," Barrios added.

"We have not won any match in regular time but we want to win the most important one.

"If we win it, no-one will remember in some time that we drew the previous matches, only that we are champions and we are part of history."

Paraguay will take on Uruguay in the Copa America final at the Estadio Monumental on Sunday at 20:00 BST.