Independiente president attacked by fans

Javier Cantero was escorted out by security after hooligans threw chairs as he addressed supporters at the club's basketball ground
Independiente president Javier Cantero was attacked by supporters as he attempted to deliver a public address at the club's basketball stadium on Friday.

Cantero was due to speak with supporters for the first time since the club suffered relegation from the Argentine Primera Division, but was subjected to jeers and chants as he entered the room, with some fans throwing plastic bottles and even a pair of shoes in his direction.

After speaking for a few minutes, Barra Brava hooligans entered and began to throw chairs at the podium where he was seated, forcing security to escort him from the building.

The record seven-time Copa Libertadores winners were relegated for the first time in their history earlier this month, with a 1-0 defeat to San Lorenzo confirming their drop to the Primera B Nacional for next season.

Cantero has long been embroiled in a battle with the club's Barra Brava supporters. In May 2012, a school belonging to the club had to be evacuated after a bomb scare on the day of a march to support the president's stand against the violent group.