Bianchi admits Boca Juniors return was not in his plans

The club's new coach told reporters he had no desire to go back to the Bombonera for a third spell, but was persuaded by an influential figure

Carlos Bianchi has revealed he did not want to return to Boca Juniors, but went back as a favour to president Daniel Angelici.

The 63-year-old has joined the Argentine side for a third spell and told reporters that rejoining the Bombonera was not something he was actively contemplating before he got the call from Angelici.

“I am honest, coming back to Boca was not in my plans, but I saw predisposition from the president,” said Bianchi.

“We have a big chance. We will try to repeat the achievements of the past but it is going to be hard.

“We are going to work harder than in the past and we will try to succeed. I want to thank you for being here."

Boca currently sit sixth in the Primera Division and Bianchi, who managed the club between 1998-2001 and then later from 2003-2004, said that he will do everything he can to return the club to their former glories.

“This club demands a lot. We are going to work in order to put Boca back at the top of Argentina and [South] America.”