Independiente school receives bomb threat as fans march against Barra Brava

President Cantero and regular fans have taken a strong stand against the 'Diablos Rojos', and over 300 people gathered in the streets to back the chief in cutting financial ties
A school belonging to Argentina Primera Division club Independiente had to be evacuated after receiving an anonymous bomb threat, on the same day that hundreds of fans marched in support of president Javier Cantero and his ongoing battle against the team's Barra Brava hooligans.

Ole reports that the primary school, located in the Rojo's home neighbourhood of Avellaneda, was contacted in the early hours of Friday morning and told there was an explosive device planted in the premises. All students and staff were immediately removed from the facility and sheltered on a nearby tennis court, while Buenos Aires Province police entered the building and ruled out the presence of a bomb.

Although the author of the threat has not been named, the incident comes in the wake of increased tensions between the club and it's 'Diablos Rojos' Barra caused by Cantero's desire to eradicate the financial support the group receives from Independiente. The president has gained sympathy from across Argentine football for speaking out against the hooligans, who in the past week forcibly entered his offices and demanded that he change his stance.

Also on Friday, Independiente fans took to the streets outside club headquarters in a vocal backing of their chief's policies. Ignoring threatening phone calls promising repercussions for their support, an estimated 300 supporters - including one fan of arch-rivals Racing Club, who was applauded by the Rojo faithful for his bravery and solidarity - strongly denounced the violent sect and pleaded for their removal from the club.

Those involved held up signs which stated "No to the Barra", and also sang club chants. "You don't support for the silver [money]," was the hit of the night, while songs which criticised former president Julio Comparada for his links with the barra were also extensively repeated.