Riquelme and Falcioni clash in Boca dressing room after Zamora draw - report

The stalemate against Zamora was reportedly the catalyst for a strong exchange of opinions between the two influential figures, who are known not to see eye to eye on many issues
The fragile relationship between Boca Juniors idol Juan Roman Riquelme and coach Julio Cesar Falcioni appears to have deteriorated further, as reports suggest that the pair clashed strongly following a disappointing Copa Libertadores draw in Venezuela.

The mercurial No. 10 has made no secret of the fact that he is not a fan of the safety-first style advocated by his trainer and urged his team to start playing better during the recent series of summer friendlies.

And according to Ole, the 0-0 tie against Zamora on Tuesday night was a catalyst for a further disagreement between the influential figures. Riquelme and Falcioni apparently had a strong argument in the dressing room at the final whistle, although details of the clash have not been released.

Even Boca president Daniel Angelici, who previously backed his coach after Roman's criticisms, became involved in the war of words that broke out in Barinas.

Riquelme had previously praised the close-knit relationship between the Boca team, as well as their experience, in the hours leading up to their Copa opener.

"Most of the Argentine teams have a lot of kids, but that is not the case for us and that helps the trainer to relax a little more," the 33-year-old stated.

"That is why in this team we do not play that much Playstation, we like drinking mate more."

Boca are back in action on Sunday, when they visit Union for the second match of the 2012 Clausura.