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46 out of 49 AFA members voted the veteran back into office amid fierce opposition on Tuesday night, meaning that he will stay in power until at least 2015

Julio Grondona will spend another four years at the helm of Argentine football, after winning an unopposed election to be reconfirmed as president of the Argentina Football Association (AFA).

The 80-year-old won his ninth term in power on Tuesday evening, as he was voted back in almost unanimously by the club presidents who make up the AFA general assembly. 46 out of 49 votes went to the veteran administrator, with those of Velez Sarsfield - who had been one of the fiercest opponents of Grondona - Independiente and Rafaela still to be cast.

Looking more stressed and slimmer than usual, Grondona spoke after the decision was finalised to thank his allies.

"We have maintained our competitions and our sport in the best way possible, and I promise to make changes where necessary to improve. I am thankful for your support," he told reporters at a press conference.

The win will keep the chief in charge until at least 2015, and he is also expected to be re-elected to his position as vice-president of Fifa in the coming weeks.

The election, however was not all plain sailing for Don Julio, who has been at the head of the Association since 1979. The president had to battle against multiple charges of corruption and fraudulent activity, the most intense of which came on the eve of the election when America screened a hidden camera expose.

Grondona also faced fierce opposition from Independiente Rivadavia president Daniel Vila, who also owns the channel on which the investigation aired. Vila attempted to run against the incumbent but could not drum up support from enough members, and on Tuesday could be found protesting outside AFA headquarters alongside scores of critics of the current regime.