Argentina's Gonzalo Higuain: The loss to Venezuela was not a catastrophe

Tuesday's 1-0 reverse has led to an inquisition into the national team on home soil, but Higuain pointed out that fatigue also played a part in condemning his side to defeat
Argentina striker Gonzalo Higuain has downplayed the significance of his side's defeat to Venezuela, stating that he does not believe the World Cup qualifying setback constitutes a disaster for the team.

A Fernando Amorebieta goal helped the hosts to a 1-0 victory in Puerto La Cruz, marking the first time in history that the traditional underdogs of South America have managed to beat their rivals. Eighteen attempts previously had ended in defeat for Cesar Farias' team.

Higuain confessed that the loss was a blow to his side's ambitions, but pleaded caution amid the wave of pessimism that accompanied Tuesday's result.

"It hurts to lose, but it appears a catastrophe and I don't think that is the case," the Real Madrid striker reflected to reporters shortly before boarding a plane back to Spain on Thursday.

Higuain added that fatigue in the Argentina squad played a factor, unlike their rivals who played a second-string side for their first match of the opening qualifying rounds.

"There is no doubt that the game left us a lot of things to work on. There were factors that were not in our favour. [Venezuela] did not go to play at altitude [in Quito, a 2-0 defeat vs. Ecuador] and they could put out a new team. They were not tired and we arrived after playing three days beforehand."

Argentina's next tests come in November, where they will host Bolivia before travelling to Barranquilla to take on Colombia.