Penarol-Newell's Old Boys Friendly Suspended After Brawl

What was supposed to be a friendly match ended in full-scale violence...
The exhibition match between Penarol and Newell's Old Boys was suspended in the 40th minute, after players from both sides exchanged blows.

Penarol were winning the match 1-0 after an early strike from Braian Rodriguez, and dangerous tackles came flying in from all directions at the Campus of Maldonado stadium, Uruguay.

The violence started after Diego Mateo of Newell's and Julio Mozzo of Penarol collided after going for a header. Mozzo responded by punching him in the face, and then an all-in brawl started between the teams.

"We both went for the ball, but then I reacted badly, I thought he was going to punch me so I punched him first. I know I made a mistake, it was a moment of madness and I lost it. I ask for forgiveness," said Mozzo.

The match was immediately suspended, as things got completely out of hand - not an uncommon occurrence when teams from Uruguay and Argentina lock horns.

Roberto Sensini, the coach of Newell's, declared to radio El Espectador, "Both teams wanted to win, and this is the reason why all this [the violence] generated."

Last week Newell's Old Boys were thrashed 4-1 by another Uruguayan side, Danubio.

Gregory Sica,