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Reporters of the main Argentine newspapers have shown themselves to be sceptic about the future of the Argentine national team, after Diego Maradona was elected as the head coach of Los Albicelestes...

The Argentine press coincided in that Diego Maradona's appointment is a "highly risky" one, and that his inexperience in a coaching role could lead to Argentina's immediate downfall.

"The decision that was taken is one of the riskiest in history," affirmed La Nacion, which also revealed that the majority of its readers are against the decision.

"The job Diego had, which was casual and informal, in the Olympic Games of Beijing (where he personally motivated the team), appeared like the best option. But the role he has been given, which has been thought out formally, and thinking about South Africa 2010, appears to be very risky and unjust," La Nacion added.

Clarin declared that the president of the Argentine Football Association (AFA), Julio Grondona "made an unconventional choice, and it has the potential to backfire." The newspaper admitted that Grondona "is the only person who makes the decisions", whether they be good or bad.

"Maradona is the coach and (Carlos) Bilardo his assistant. And Grondona? Has stepped to the side. Of now with a low profile. Until the success and the brilliance, or failure and the fire extinguishers to put out the fire...which always has a mother but never a father."

While Ole claimed "Carlos Bianchi is history. He won't be given the opportunity he deserved, something which made him depressed as soon as he knew Maradona had reunited with Grondona. Bianchi lost to Diego, who with this phrase knows who he defeated: "Defeating Bianchi is like beating Foreman, Tyson or Monzon."

The highly controversial decision to appoint Maradona as the head coach of the Argentine national team has not only been questioned by professionals, but the majority of Argentines, who feel he doesn't have sufficient experience to lead the side to the 2010 World Cup.

Gregory Sica