Poll Results: The Argentina Coaching Controversy

The readers have spoken. This poll was actually resolved midway through, but the results remain interesting. Who do Goal.com fans want to coach Argentina?
This poll threw up an unprecedented situation, as midway through the voting the matter was in fact resolved. Diego Maradona was given the job of Argentina boss mere hours after our poll was opened to the public, rendering the question somewhat redundant after this time.

Nonetheless we can look at the results as an endorsement of the world-famous midfield maestro. Of the five options, 39% voted for Diego Maradona to take the job, with two others coming close behind. The results in full:

1. Diego Maradona: 39%
2. Carlos Bianchi: 30%
3. Sergio Batista: 24%
4. Someone else: 4%
5. Miguel Angel Russo: 3%

Thus a minority, but still a plurality, believe that the ever-controversial footballing genius, despite having next to no managerial experience, is the right man for the job.

Nonetheless, several people offered dissenting replies. Tyron from the Bronx, New York, said:

"Maradona is definitely going to win the poll because of his celebrity status, but it doesn't neccessarily mean he is the best choice for the team."

Others, such as Haitham from Muscat, Oman, said that a combination would be preferable:

"Bianchi is the right man for this job and Diego can be an assistant."

In any case, Maradona won the poll - just as he won the job in reality.

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--Goal.com team