BREAKING NEWS: Maradona To Be Offered Coaching Job

According to reports, AFA president Julio Grondona will offer Diego Maradona to be the assistant coach of the Argentine national team, while Carlos Bianchi will become the head coach. However, it is unknown whether both personalities will accept the proposition...

Julio Humberto Grondona, the president of the Argentine Football Association, may be just hours away from announcing who will become the new coach of Los Albicelestes.

According to reports from Buenos Aires, Argentina, the president will offer both Diego Maradona and Carlos Bianchi a position with the national team. Maradona will become the assistant coach of the team, while Bianchi will be appointed as the head coach.

But despite the speculation, Grondona didn't want to get into the details on Tuesday, although he did say a final decision "will be made as soon as possible."

"I have been working since yesterday, today we got together again, and tomorrow we will do the same, again," Grondona affirmed to the local press.

Since Grondona arrived in Argentina from Europe earlier in the week, he admitted that "all four" candidates had possibilities of becoming the coach of the national team, but it seems that it has now been narrowed down to just Maradona and Bianchi, with Miguel Angel Russo and Sergio Batista already out of the picture.

Although the president and his board think the best solution would be to give Bianchi the coaching job, while Maradona will be his assistant, it is unknown whether both will accept the proposition.

The AFA president is likely to sit down to chat with Maradona, in an aim to convince him to take over the managerial role on Tuesday night. If Maradona accepts, he will then offer Bianchi the high-profile coaching job.

Gregory Sica