The number 10 position is dead, says Ze Roberto

The former Brazil international, who won two Copa Americas, thinks the role of the playmaker has changed during his career to the extent that is unrecognisable now

Gremio midfielder Ze Roberto has said that he believes the traditional number 10 position has become a thing of the past.

The former Bayern Munich player puts it down to the change in tactics he has seen during his 18-year career.

“I think today the number 10 is only a virtual thing and put practically does not exist today,” he told Lancenet.

“I would say in world football that the most beautiful and valued football today is from the Spanish, they are the world and European champions, and that Spain and Barcelona play without one.

“If we look at these two teams, Barcelona has the number 10, which is Messi, but he is not a typical 10.

“Today, in modern football, I think the typical 10 is the second midfielder. Many teams, especially in Europe, are playing with two players in midfield more often.

“I think the number 10 is endangered.”

Ze Roberto added that he wanted to win the one title that is missing in his career, the Copa Libertadores, with Gremio.

“Although I have won many it is a title that is missing in my career. Every professional athlete has thought of winning it and I am no different.

“Gremio have been planning this project back to the Libertadores and today I am part of this project. Every game, every chance that I have to live, to play this competition, I dedicate myself to the fullest so we can win that title.”