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The Brazil striker has skipped practice with the Rio club, deciding instead to spend the day with friends in the city, in a move that does not bode well for his future career

Flamengo forward Adriano has missed his first training session with the club, instead spending the day with friends in Rio's infamous Vila Cruzeiro district, according to Brazilian news site UOL.

The 30-year-old striker was due to take part in a specially designed training programme, aimed at helping him get back to full fitness. But the former Inter and Fiorentina goalscorer was instead seen socialising with a group of friends.

The former Brazil international had stated in August that Flamengo "was my last chance", and the club are expected to come down firmly on the player, fining him for indiscipline.

Disappointing spells at Roma and Corinthians over the past couple of years have seen Adriano battle with weight-gain, as well as alleged depression, as the powerful attacker has struggled for form.