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The Rio club had stated they were waiting for an answer from Hilal, but their South American representatives claimed that talks had broken down

Flamengo's hopes of tying Thiago Neves to a permanent deal appear to have come to an end, after Al Hilal confirmed that an improved offer for the on-loan striker had been rejected.

The Brazilians had signed the midfielder on a one-year deal at the start of 2011, with the Saudi club still holding 80 per cent of his transfer rights. After seeing their initial approach rebuffed, Fla responded with an improved offer worth around €7.5 million, to be spread across three payments.

Speaking on Wednesday, however, Al Hilal's representative stated that the offer was still not good enough, and advised Flamengo to give up on the deal.

"There has not been an agreement. Flamengo barely changed the number of payments a few days ago when their response came back to us," Daniel Gonzales told Futnet.

"This whole thing is strange. I don't know why they would be saying that they are still awaiting an answer."

Gonzales continued to explain that, since Neves had already declared he would not return to Saudi Arabia, he would now have to find another interested Brazilian club.

"We are talking to other teams. We understand the athlete's wishes and the plan is to respect them," he affirmed.

"Nothing will be forced, but [Neves] has to understand that Flamengo did not follow through on what had been agreed."

Neves appeared 49 times for the Brazilians across 2011, scoring 21 goals.