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Violence breaks out in Brazil.

Brazilian football was shamed on Wednesday night at the end of the Vitoria-Goias match when visiting coach Emerson Leao and three of his players became embroiled in disgraceful scenes with journalist Roque Santos.

The incident arose after Goias threw away a 2-nil lead to draw the match 2-2. With the final whistle blown, and with the military police already on the field as tensioned threatened to boil over, Santos approached coach Leao to quiz him about how his side had surrendered their advantage.

Rather than simply respond to the question Leao reacting furiously to the situation, the coach getting right in the hacks' grill with his finger wagging and with fire spewing out his mouth. Soon matters took a turn for the worse and a pushing exchange between the pair broke out.

Leao was quickly removed from the hotspot but the fury failed to dampen. Instead, Goias players Rafael Moura, Marcao and Romerito all got stuck into the unfolding melee, with Moura caught punching reporter Santos twice in the face and drawing blood.

Following the brawl Roque Santos made it plain that he intended to take the matter further, barking "They are cowards, they started to attack me, all encouraged by coach Leo I'm getting all the support from the military police go to the police station now."

Reports later confirmed that all four protagonists were escorted to the police station after the match.

Footage of the violence can be seen below:


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