Brazil Team Robbed: Thieves Raided Hotel Rooms During Italy Match – Report

The Brazilians are the latest team to fall victim to crime during the Confederations Cup tournament...
Brazil's Confederations Cup triumph over Italy was soured as thieves got into their hotel rooms during the fixture and stole a number of items, including cash belonging to Selecao players and staff, according to La Repubblica.

According to reports, defender Kleber claimed some items were missing from his hotel room in Pretoria while physiotherapist Odmir Carmo apparently had a jacket and money stolen from his room.

Brazilian FA (CBF) spokesman Rodrigo Paiva has confirmed the reports and he has revealed an investigation is underway.

"Kleber believes he has had money stolen and other players are looking at the situation," Paiva told reporters.

"The hotel has told us that they are investigating what happened."

It's not the first time thieves have struck teams taking part in the Confederations Cup. On Thursday night, the Egypt squad allegedly had large amounts of money stolen from their hotel rooms.

Salvatore Landolina,