Brasilia hit by protests ahead of Confederations Cup

Local groups are angry at the cost of rebuilding the Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha, which will play host to the first game of the competition on Saturday
A protest involving over 300 activists took place outside Brasilia's Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha Stadium, which will be holding the opening game of the Confederations Cup between Brazil and Japan on Saturday.

Among the demonstrators were members of Brasilia's World Cup Popular Committee and the Homeless Movement, who burned tires across the street that gives access to the stadium.

Firemen were soon called to the scene to stop traffic and alleviate the situation and, while traffic was stopped, there was no serious trouble.

“Traffic is stopped but there are no clashes,” a police official said, adding that negotiations with the protesters were under way.

The stadium cost around €450 million to rebuild back in 2010 and those protesting believe the money could have been spent on a better cause, including affordable housing.

The protesters are demanding a meeting with the Terracap (Development Agency for the Federal District) president and are threatening to show up and stage another protest during Saturday's Fan Fest for the Brazil-Japan match.

Brazil has been plagued with organisational issues ahead of next summer's World Cup, with many stadia exceeding their budget.