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Germany goalkeeper Jens Lehmann has insisted that Spain striker Fernando Torres has along way to go yet before he can be rightfully compared to Thierry Henry…

It was Torres who latched onto Xavi’s through-ball to dink over the onrushing Lehmann and thus score the only goal in Sunday’s EURO 2008 final.

The strike was undoubtedly the most important of his career to date and capped a marvellous season that saw him net 33 times during his first campaign with Liverpool.

Such goal-getting form, combined with the manner in which he tends to score, has led many to dub the 24-year-old as the natural successor to Henry’s throne as the most exciting and prolific striker in the Premier League.

But Lehmann, who observed the Frenchman’s exploits from the other end of the pitch during their four shared seasons at Arsenal, believes Torres has yet to come anywhere near the now-Barcelona hitman’s heights.

The 38-year-old said: “Well, he scored and that’s what you have to do as a striker but you’re asking someone who played together for years with Thierry Henry and he was a God, performance-wise, when he was in England.

“So when you take him and compare him to other strikers, there’s a difference and Torres is definitely still not at Thierry’s level.”

Mike Maguire