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Luis Aragonés admitted that he was confident about winning the final of the European Championships when he lifted his guard after the defeat of Russia.

The veteran coach was delighted with the win and was relishing the prospect of playing Germany although he remembered the words of one of his former players.

"This time Spain will win because I think that we are better. It was hair raising though," he told reporters.

"All my players are champions, but there is one game left. As Gary Lineker said, who I coached at Barcelona, any team that plays Germany can do everything well but the Germans will still win."

Aragonés reflected on the victory over the Russians and was particularly pleased to have nullified Andrei Arshavin after the big build up the striker was given.

"He played completely free and each zone that he went we had someone to stop him," the trainer continued.

Spain's forward line has been praised, but Aragonés was keen to include Dani Güiza along with David Villa and Fernando Torres when talking about how the forwards have been.

"On the break, Spain are spectacular. When we arrived we knew that playing like this could take us a long way," he said.

"Villa, Torres and Güiza have all been outstanding. They are all sensational and can score goal. One likes to drop deep, the others like to play right up front. All of them are impressive.

"As well as impressing going forward, I thought we did very well at the back and in a semi final that was tremendously important."

Lucas Brown,